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Friday, August 13, 2010

Lunch box notes

Hi! I have been really busy with quite a lot of things on my hands....well to name a few made a purse shaped envelope to carry money for my domestic help...also made a birthday card for her.The back to school project with my daughter is still going on .Little additions everyday to her treasure.One of my friend has started a clothes retail shop at Kashinagar. so made a card for her and also made a few lunchbox notes (a week's worth) for Trisha who starts school on 18th aug. I am waiting for the school to reopen. Omg my girls drove me mad in these vacations.

So the point of this blog is that I am sharing the lunchbox stickers I made last week.

All three images are digi stamps which I got from here and here.

Unfortunately I have lost the link to the image in the middle . I promise I tried a lot to find it but was unsuccessful.

I typed the sentiments /messages on word document and printed it out . Have used all kinds of things for wordings. Motivational sayings,riddles and even word puzzles.Trisha is a crafty kid and if I may say so myself quite bright .She  loves these kind of things in her lunch box more than her lunch.

The other were handwritten messages . The images of which I have shared below.

The giraffe image accompanies a joke on giraffe which says "Why do giraffes have long necks? Because their feet smell.

This one is a cute oriental image . My daughter has chinky eyes and we tease her a lot calling her wong ching pong ...hence the message.This one is a original and childish because it has been written by moi.

The monkey image comes with the joke that "what do you call a monkey with a banana in each ear?"Whatever you want;it can't hear you anyways.

This little girl comes with a knock knock joke which most kids love.

The last one is an apple candy image with the joke/riddle which says what kind of an apple isn't an apple? Ans :Pineapple.

My photgraphic skills are still pretty medieval and I sincerely believe that a new camera will change that. Hope Nitin reads this post and does the needful.

Okay one last image which I wanted to share with my readers . It has nothing to do with the cards but was one of my creations sometime back . It was meant to be a gift but my husband liked it so much that he immediately put it on our wall.

Thanks for passing by and I would like you to know that tomorrow I leave for Jakarta to celebrate the 15 th Aug function at the Indian embassy;hence won't be on net for two days.

Happy Independence day to all my Indian friends.See you soon.

Have a great weekend.


  1. You've been a busy bee!! Your lunch box notes are super cute but my favourite has to be your frame, absolutely beautiful, no wonder why your husband wanted to keep it! Have a great trip and weekend!

  2. Thanks for the link. What fun for my digi image to be a lunch box note!

  3. Snehal. I LOVE that last painting. Its so pretty! please share more of your work here. :)

    Also loving those lunchbox notes... what a sweet thing to do. I have to try this for my son!!

  4. Thanks GB are very kind....Unfortunately have gifted all my creations and never clicked anything.....But will click evry single thing henceforth.


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