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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Card and money envelope

Good morning and a very big Hi to all you beautiful people.I am back from Jakarta and also back to my desk creating things....Lots on my agenda and deadlines to keep..... I have no boss but deadlines are deadlines because if the card is not delivered on time it is pointless.

Ohhh By the way we got back our car on Friday and there is a semblance of normalcy in my life now. Fortunately,we weren't greeted by the notorious traffic jam in Jakarta ;maybe due to the Ramadan month.So it was a nice and short trip. Managed to catch an apology of a movie called Aisha....which is a complete NO NO if you ask me.I am a vegetarian for a month and so food wise wasn't a great trip.

Back to my desk after all these mundane ramblings;It is my domestic help Ibu Yati's birthday.So this is what I created for her.

Well a closer look of the card and the money envelope is here.The image of lady signifies retro feeling for me and since Ibu is 57 today  I chose this particular image from here.The pink background paper was downloaded from here.The balloons image is a free digi stamp too.The embellishments that I have used are a thin red ribbon,a cute blue button and a transparent  pink heart.The message inside read Selamat Hari Ulang tahun...which means happy Birthday in bahasha Indonesia.

The card is a closet fold card(my terminology).This is how it looks when completely opened.

The envelope is purse shaped and carries the gift money. It looked like this.The envelope template for this envelope was taken from here and then modified.The dress is paper pieced from here and then modified.

The recipient of this card,  Ibu Yati was thrilled and got very emotional to get a handcrafted card  and an envelope this morning.....As we call it back home it was a , mehnat vasool(hardwork paid off) moment for me .Let me know what you think of this card since your feedback is very important for me . It helps to know and stay motivated if whatever your write garners readers.

Have a bright and happening Monday.



  1. Hi ya, Thank you so much for using my image..I am honoured that you chose it and that it looks so fantastic on your card.. It's really wonderful that she enjoyed receiving the card so much too..
    Big Hug
    Sylvie X

  2. It was a very thoughtful gift, and she obviously liked it very much. Isn't it great when your handmade work is appreciated? :-)

  3. Thanks for passing by all your images...I am working on one more ....will post it once finished.
    Thanks for your encouraging words always make me smile with your comments.Yes it is really a great feeling when your handmade work is appreciated.

  4. Such a sweet sentiment! Her smile says it all...

  5. Thanks for passing by are right .Her smile says it all


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