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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Baby shower

Have loads to write and tell as usual .....First things first...we had our regular coffee morning but it was special because we threw a baby shower for Kelly who is expecting her first baby in Sep.

I created this card for her .

The template of the diaper shirt card was taken from here.

The insides looked like this.

The party was great .

These were the goodies we got for her .

I had organised a paper game for her and we all conspired and worked towards Kelly winning it .

Beck made a paper chain hanging for decoraions.

There  was champagne flowing ...Baby shower and champagne?Well whats a celebration without champagne.

There was some food .

There were a couple of more games .In the end there were a lot of happy looking faces.

Thats a very pregnant but happy looking Kelly.

Thats Divika and Yenny. Yenny is fasting for the ramadan month but was quite sporting to still come for the baby shower. We kept telling her the food was awful to make her feel

Thats Donna,Liz, moi and Beck.

But my fav picture has to be of the mobile Liz made for Kelly . Isn't it awesome? I am going to try my hand at it soon.

This is for a closer look.

 This was the first baby shower I ever attended because back home we do not have anything like this . Ours is more on a traditional side.Have a great weekend ....btw thts not all .....expect at least two more posts today itself.

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