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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Flowers and the gift tray

Hi everyone !Hope your sunday is going well.I had a busy yet nice sunday and its not yet evening in this part of the world  so I hope it ends well too.Started the day with a  morning nature walk that I took with my firstborn .She was busy  telling me Harry Potter stories which she has been reading lately and it was great bonding with her. 

Then we all went to Beck's place with our marinated meats for the barbecue and a splash in the pool.Now , since I am a vegetarian( I know I have been rattling off far too many time about it)right now, we had to survive on salads and sandwiches.

But it was a great afternoon.Now the point of this post is the gift I took for her .It was the tray I wrote about in my last post complete with homemade rasmalai and handmade flowers. Here is the picture of the tray. 

For a closer look of the handmade flowers.The flowers are made of stockings as well as paper. The stocking flowers are of two kinds and the rest are buds. Here is the closer look of the flowers.

The bow on the top of the gift is handmade too with raffia and ribbon.

Hope you liked the images .

Thanks for passing by and btw the vase /metal bucket used to display the flowers is my current project. Hope to finish it soon.

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  1. hey snehal...u r simply out of this world....ur creativity amazes me...lovely dear!! dont hv enuf wrds to express my views after going thru all ur sm creatv agency/boutique/sm gud exhibit or smthng..go for it gal, atb


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