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Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Hi!Good morning . Have something early in the morning today. Two of my girlfriends asked me for the recipes of Pavlova and pumpkin pie and since I hate the routine I decided to spice up this entire recipe project.I downloaded an apron template and then improvised with the pie, chef and the waitress image.

I chose butterflies as the embellishments for the waitress card since it is obviously feminine and the strawberries for the chef card because pavlova is garnished with strawberries.

Loved the effect .Also the recipes are typed , cut and laminated so that they are practically spill proof . I hope the recipients like them.Ohh yeah I am baking individual pavlovas and pies for each one of them and then shall pack them in corrugated boxes along with these recipe cards. 

Will share the images of the box and the reactions of my friends in the next post.

Can't wait for Friday when the gift box with the recipes is due to be delivered at another coffee morning. 

Have a great day and let me know what you think about these.

Bloody excited!!!!!!

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