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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Birthday card for a college girl.

Today's post involves a card made for a college girl.That is how I chose this bratz image from a free digi. The Hippy birthday sentiment sticker is from here.The ribbon ,tiny stars and the butterfly are from my stash.

I am happy about two things ....My card makes me feel very young and happy and my photography skills are improving thanks to my blogger friend DesigNeAl who has been kind enough to give me loads of useful tips .

Thanks for passing by.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Birthday card

Hello ! Hope your Monday is going well and you have chased the blues if any .I am having a great day as usual.My husband finally gave in to my persistent demands and got a new camera ...thats the good news ...the bad news is that my photographic skills still remain medieval.

Without further ado here is the card.

The image and sentiment are both free digi images.the background paper is from here.

The ribbon and flower embellishments are from my stash.

The card is for a dear friend from college who is very spirited person and who is also in the creative field thats why the sentiment and the image.

Thanks for passing by .Your comments make my day so please leave some love.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Story book card ,Recipe card

Hi There!How 's your weekend going?We attended a birthday party this morning.It was Kiara's friend's birthday who turned three today.Here is the card for her.She loves stories so what could be better than a storybook card for her?I won't put you through the agony of my amateur attempt at story writing for a three year old (Which is 12 pages btw).

This is how it looked on the gift.

Alright if you insist lol....I will just show you the first page of the story book.Each page had two or one digi and a story for the kid.

I also made a recipe card for a friend who asked for two recipes;roast chicken and potato and pea soup.You can see the recipe of roast chicken here on my recipe blog.Its really simple and yummilicious if I may say so myself.This is how the recipe card looked .

Hope you liked this post.

Have a great weekend .See you next week.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Gothic birthday card

I have a quick post for you today.

This is to share a card I made for another girlfriend.Its her birthday and have chosen this gothic image .Have backed it with blue corrugated sheet and a net.The sentiment"you are absolutely fabuolous"was created on word and then printed out.

Click on the image for a clearer view.

The ribbon ,bow and the rose embellishment are from my stash.

All this in an attempt to create the gothic feel to go with the  free digi image,I got from here..

Hope you liked the new creation.

Ohhh also wanted to show the tray I shared yesterday......this is how it looked complete with the wrapping.The tag was made using a free digi stamp I got from here.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Tray Part 2 and Birthday card

Hello everyone.I have a card and a tray (again?)to show you today.The card is a birthday card for a girlfriend.

The  ribbon,rhinestones ,flower and bow are used from my stash.The digi stamps and the sentiment are taken from here and here.

The next is another tray I painted for a friend whose house we are visiting today for buka puasa bersamma...which means breaking the  roza or fast .

I am going to put a few things in the tray like homemade rasmalai,a book for her daughter and a wall hanging for her kids room.

The art is one of the folk arts of India called Madhubani.

Thanks for passing by.Your comments and feedbacks make my day so kindly leave some love.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

warli painting and wine bucket

Hello !I have images of two projects I completed over the weekend.

The first one is a warli painting on tile which is soon going to go for framing soon as I find a good framing shop.

The second one is a project I have been itching to do.Found a wine bucket which the shopekeeper insisted was vase.

This is how the wine bucket/vase looked.

And this is how it looked after painting.I am not too happy the first time but want to do a few more until I get the hang of it .May be after a 100 pieces..... lol.

Thats all for this post .Thanks for passing by.

Flowers and the gift tray

Hi everyone !Hope your sunday is going well.I had a busy yet nice sunday and its not yet evening in this part of the world  so I hope it ends well too.Started the day with a  morning nature walk that I took with my firstborn .She was busy  telling me Harry Potter stories which she has been reading lately and it was great bonding with her. 

Then we all went to Beck's place with our marinated meats for the barbecue and a splash in the pool.Now , since I am a vegetarian( I know I have been rattling off far too many time about it)right now, we had to survive on salads and sandwiches.

But it was a great afternoon.Now the point of this post is the gift I took for her .It was the tray I wrote about in my last post complete with homemade rasmalai and handmade flowers. Here is the picture of the tray. 

For a closer look of the handmade flowers.The flowers are made of stockings as well as paper. The stocking flowers are of two kinds and the rest are buds. Here is the closer look of the flowers.

The bow on the top of the gift is handmade too with raffia and ribbon.

Hope you liked the images .

Thanks for passing by and btw the vase /metal bucket used to display the flowers is my current project. Hope to finish it soon.

Friday, August 20, 2010

The Tray

Hi Again.....I am unstoppable today....have finished varnishing the tray so posting the pictures here.Hope you like it.

Picked this tray up from a local shop for 200 Indian rupees(4 USd).I knew what I wanted to do the moment I set my eyes on the tray.So started as soon as I reached home. It took me four hours(including the breaks I took to cook , feed and bathe my kids) and this is what I created .The medium is fabric paints and the base is wooden.Varnished it for protection.May gift it to a  friend I am visiting this Sunday.

Awaiting your feedback eagerly.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

House warming cards

Alright this is the last one for the day.First of all would like to share that a dear friend has asked me to make a few cards for her first order ....yipee...but the problem is she doesn't know which ones ...and has left it for me to do the thinking......I will figure it out hopefully...if I mange to declutter my mind more than my desk...until then will  bask in this happy feeling.

This post is about the two housewarming cards I created for two friends who are  moving into new houses...thanks to the defence life.... 

Both the cards have same house image but the trees are different.One of the trees is paper pieced from here.The background paper is the same as the secnd card and the sentiment was made on word and then printed out .....It says The ornament  of a house is the friends who visit it .How true!The embellishement is a tiny flower that I obtained after modifying(read breaking) an earring. Btw most of my my embellishments are originally earrings or badges that I look for in shops  and then modify them for a different use.

The other one was coloured and cut and because the tree won't fit the card ...its leaves were cut and scattered at the bottom of the card.The background paper has green dragonflies all over it ...isn't that a happy looking paper...All kinds and shades of green signify life to they are happy images ....The sentiment was created on word and then printed out.It says Laugh,Love Grow......Thats the essence of a happy life...ain't it?The butterfly embellishement was picked up from a random scrapbook shp which had hardly anything to offer...but  I manged to rummage through the measly wares and find this one.

Thats all for today .....see you soon ...I am busy with a tray that I am modifying/painting  right now...hope to upload the pics soon.have a great weekend....

Thanks for stopping by...It means a lot to me.

Anniversary card and notepad

Hi there! Again....because I have loads to tell.....

This one is about an anniversary card I made for a friend.

The image was coloured and cut out and then pasted on the card.The bouquet was paper pieced from here.The sentiment was created on word and then printed out.The embellishment consists of a teeny weeny flower with paper leaves.

The next thing I am going to share is a note pad I spiced up. It was fun doing this because its the first time I have transformed a book.the image is a free digi stamp.I coloured it with both markers and colour pencils.I stuck a jute ribbon to colour coordinate as well as give a slightly raw feel.the butterflies with the half backed pearls for feminity...afterall whats a full bloomed flower without butterflies fluttering by?The sentiment was created on word and then printed out ....I did not want to make it boring plus restricted with words like notepad or notes to leave it to the users imagination as well as the preference the words chosen were these.

Baby shower

Have loads to write and tell as usual .....First things first...we had our regular coffee morning but it was special because we threw a baby shower for Kelly who is expecting her first baby in Sep.

I created this card for her .

The template of the diaper shirt card was taken from here.

The insides looked like this.

The party was great .

These were the goodies we got for her .

I had organised a paper game for her and we all conspired and worked towards Kelly winning it .

Beck made a paper chain hanging for decoraions.

There  was champagne flowing ...Baby shower and champagne?Well whats a celebration without champagne.

There was some food .

There were a couple of more games .In the end there were a lot of happy looking faces.

Thats a very pregnant but happy looking Kelly.

Thats Divika and Yenny. Yenny is fasting for the ramadan month but was quite sporting to still come for the baby shower. We kept telling her the food was awful to make her feel

Thats Donna,Liz, moi and Beck.

But my fav picture has to be of the mobile Liz made for Kelly . Isn't it awesome? I am going to try my hand at it soon.

This is for a closer look.

 This was the first baby shower I ever attended because back home we do not have anything like this . Ours is more on a traditional side.Have a great weekend ....btw thts not all .....expect at least two more posts today itself.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Hi!I have loads to post but I am trying to limit myself to twice a week and it doesn't look like a great idea ...Why this twice a week restriction..... because I guess too much of myself for the readers if more than twice. Need your suggestions / inputs on the same .

I am sharing a card which I made for a friend who has opened a clothes shop in Kashipur.

The background paper was taken from here .The chain of lanterns  is a free digi stamp . The sentiment on the card was computer generated. And last but not the least the image of girl was chosen because whats a celebration without flowers.The flower embellishment is  a transparent blue one with white polka dots.

Trisha's school started today and she was very excited to go back to school.I finally managed to make an origami stationery holder for her .The image is here.The image on the stationery bag is a free digi . The 4 th grade supplies note was created on word and then printed out.

Trisha's teacher this year had asked all the kids to write about what they did in these vacations. Trisha was quite diligent in writing about all the major events in these vacations.She typed all these experiences too . All we had to do was edit ( which wasn't much ) and then print out . I spiced up her holiday journal a bit . Here is the image.

The image of the bard is a free digi stamp  from Phooka.The two background papers I have used are from here and here.The embellishments used are wooden lady bird and flower with a leaf.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Card and money envelope

Good morning and a very big Hi to all you beautiful people.I am back from Jakarta and also back to my desk creating things....Lots on my agenda and deadlines to keep..... I have no boss but deadlines are deadlines because if the card is not delivered on time it is pointless.

Ohhh By the way we got back our car on Friday and there is a semblance of normalcy in my life now. Fortunately,we weren't greeted by the notorious traffic jam in Jakarta ;maybe due to the Ramadan month.So it was a nice and short trip. Managed to catch an apology of a movie called Aisha....which is a complete NO NO if you ask me.I am a vegetarian for a month and so food wise wasn't a great trip.

Back to my desk after all these mundane ramblings;It is my domestic help Ibu Yati's birthday.So this is what I created for her.

Well a closer look of the card and the money envelope is here.The image of lady signifies retro feeling for me and since Ibu is 57 today  I chose this particular image from here.The pink background paper was downloaded from here.The balloons image is a free digi stamp too.The embellishments that I have used are a thin red ribbon,a cute blue button and a transparent  pink heart.The message inside read Selamat Hari Ulang tahun...which means happy Birthday in bahasha Indonesia.

The card is a closet fold card(my terminology).This is how it looks when completely opened.

The envelope is purse shaped and carries the gift money. It looked like this.The envelope template for this envelope was taken from here and then modified.The dress is paper pieced from here and then modified.

The recipient of this card,  Ibu Yati was thrilled and got very emotional to get a handcrafted card  and an envelope this morning.....As we call it back home it was a , mehnat vasool(hardwork paid off) moment for me .Let me know what you think of this card since your feedback is very important for me . It helps to know and stay motivated if whatever your write garners readers.

Have a bright and happening Monday.


Friday, August 13, 2010

Lunch box notes

Hi! I have been really busy with quite a lot of things on my hands....well to name a few made a purse shaped envelope to carry money for my domestic help...also made a birthday card for her.The back to school project with my daughter is still going on .Little additions everyday to her treasure.One of my friend has started a clothes retail shop at Kashinagar. so made a card for her and also made a few lunchbox notes (a week's worth) for Trisha who starts school on 18th aug. I am waiting for the school to reopen. Omg my girls drove me mad in these vacations.

So the point of this blog is that I am sharing the lunchbox stickers I made last week.

All three images are digi stamps which I got from here and here.

Unfortunately I have lost the link to the image in the middle . I promise I tried a lot to find it but was unsuccessful.

I typed the sentiments /messages on word document and printed it out . Have used all kinds of things for wordings. Motivational sayings,riddles and even word puzzles.Trisha is a crafty kid and if I may say so myself quite bright .She  loves these kind of things in her lunch box more than her lunch.

The other were handwritten messages . The images of which I have shared below.

The giraffe image accompanies a joke on giraffe which says "Why do giraffes have long necks? Because their feet smell.

This one is a cute oriental image . My daughter has chinky eyes and we tease her a lot calling her wong ching pong ...hence the message.This one is a original and childish because it has been written by moi.

The monkey image comes with the joke that "what do you call a monkey with a banana in each ear?"Whatever you want;it can't hear you anyways.

This little girl comes with a knock knock joke which most kids love.

The last one is an apple candy image with the joke/riddle which says what kind of an apple isn't an apple? Ans :Pineapple.

My photgraphic skills are still pretty medieval and I sincerely believe that a new camera will change that. Hope Nitin reads this post and does the needful.

Okay one last image which I wanted to share with my readers . It has nothing to do with the cards but was one of my creations sometime back . It was meant to be a gift but my husband liked it so much that he immediately put it on our wall.

Thanks for passing by and I would like you to know that tomorrow I leave for Jakarta to celebrate the 15 th Aug function at the Indian embassy;hence won't be on net for two days.

Happy Independence day to all my Indian friends.See you soon.

Have a great weekend.