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Monday, August 9, 2010

Birthday card for father

Hello! As promised I am back with a special card . I spent a couple of hours trying to design and visualise this one for almost a week .It is special because it is for my father's 61st birthday.And he is special....

So coming back to card I used a red cardstock the size of an A4 sheet...triple folded it.This image on the first level is the top of the card.The scooter image is of a lambretta which my father owned back in early 80s.This was the exact colour of the lambretta that I remember.The sentiment on top of the card says"Don't think of it as growing older.Think of it as becoming a Classic."Its apt for my dad who constantly complains of his old age .Since I could not find any masculine embellishments in my doodle drawers so I fashioned this origami shirt with a tie as an embellishment.

This is the second level/part of the card where I paper pieced this  bear with the No1 DAD sentiment.The sentiment reads 'The greatest gift I ever had came from God ...I call him Dad'.Btw I have started writing the sentiments in my blogs because I don't think they are clear enough and amongst my other handicaps Photography is a big one.

This is the insides of the card which has the wordings "Thank you for making family such a beautiful word.have a really happy birthday."


Just to give you an idea of how the entire card looks like if opened completely.

Alright just one more small thing.... have started  printing this don't  trash my cards at the back of my cards.I found this one as a free digi stamp and I loved it so much that almost  all my cards have this image.Thank you for passing by and bearing with me and with this unusually long post.Let me know what you think of this one .Would love to hear from you.


  1. What an unusual and creative card, Snehal! I am sure your dad will be delighted with it, so thoughtful! Well done!

  2. Thanks DesigNeAl....I appreciate your passing by and leaving comments .

  3. Love your origami shirt and tie. And what a sweet way to wish your dad a happy birthday! :)

  4. Thanks GB for passing by....Yeah I love the tie and shirt too


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