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Friday, July 16, 2010

Birthday cards

Finally two of them with the birthday sentiment which makes them  nothing but a birthday card.

Thanks for stopping by.

Thats all for tonight .Let me know what you think about tonight's posts.

                                                                        Thank you card

The image is the same as the birthday card but the embellishments and the sentiments are different.This image is my favourite image . I make lunchbox stickers with this one for my daughter . Will upload the lunchbox stickers soon .

Thanks for stopping by(Thats an appropriate parting shot for this post right)

Birthday card

This is another birthday card with a sentiment which speaks about wishing the receiver a blessed day.

It may look like a card for a child but believe me it is for everyone except of course men.

I used a blue flower as a matching embellishment to the cupcake and have frosted the cake with cotton and stuck tiny hearts as sprinkles onto the cake.

Paper embroidery card

Hi! As promised I am back with yet another card. This one is special because it uses paper embroidery technique.It was something new that I tried and was pleased by the end product.I chose a sentiment apt to congratulate someone .The buttons were added to acheive the overall effect of circles and squares as represented in the paper embroidered piece with a square frame.

Hope you liked  my experiment . Thanks for stopping by.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Alright I promise that this is the last one for the day.This one is a birthday card too. And for some reason I again chose to have nothing to do with birthday on the cover of the card . Maybe because all my cards have the message printed inside.The paisley pattern paper has been downloaded and printed (freebie) from one of the scrapbooking sites.

Thanks for stopping by and this time its  really a good night. See you  soon with more cards.

This one is a birthday card.I did not want to write anything to do with birthday on the cover of the card so chose this sentiment instead.The embellishement is a wooden one with a striking similarity to the picture.

I know   I said that I will come back soon with a few more cards but the excitement is too much to contain so decided to post a few more today itself .This one is a thank you card which is pretty evident . The round sentiment was  made by my daughter on the computer and i just took a printout on a sticker paper .the flower embellishement is from a craft shop . The sentiment is chosen considering the fact that the flowers are  in a bunch too.

Hi! I am super excited about starting my new blog on cardmaking.Have been thinking about it for a long time…and now that I am here you will have to bear with my noviceness for a few weeks . To begin with I have messed up with the pictures and can’t do anything about it because the card has been posted already.
My first card is for a dear friend who is trying to lose weight, and nobody understands the desperation and frustration of doing that better than me. Well that story some other time.
The top of the card shows the sentiment that I printed on card stock and stuck it on to the card .The black dress with a slit epitomizes sexiness that every weight watcher aspires to achieve .The bunch of roses with the rose and bow embellishment s add to the elegance of the card.
The insides of the card have a sentiment printed on it which I found on a quote site.I thought that was really appropriate for this card.The inside picture of training shoes and dumbbells signifies that work out and watching weight through eating right and in small portions is the way to achieve fitness and a great body.
Thanks for stopping by. See you later with more cards soon.