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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Hi! I am super excited about starting my new blog on cardmaking.Have been thinking about it for a long time…and now that I am here you will have to bear with my noviceness for a few weeks . To begin with I have messed up with the pictures and can’t do anything about it because the card has been posted already.
My first card is for a dear friend who is trying to lose weight, and nobody understands the desperation and frustration of doing that better than me. Well that story some other time.
The top of the card shows the sentiment that I printed on card stock and stuck it on to the card .The black dress with a slit epitomizes sexiness that every weight watcher aspires to achieve .The bunch of roses with the rose and bow embellishment s add to the elegance of the card.
The insides of the card have a sentiment printed on it which I found on a quote site.I thought that was really appropriate for this card.The inside picture of training shoes and dumbbells signifies that work out and watching weight through eating right and in small portions is the way to achieve fitness and a great body.
Thanks for stopping by. See you later with more cards soon.

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