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Saturday, August 7, 2010

                                               BACK TO SCHOOL  PROJECT -PART ONE

Hi! Trisha's school reopens next week and she is thrilled to be in grade 4  and joining back and so am I...for different reasons altogether.I have been busy making BACK TO SCHOOL projects for her . It is time consuming since I am using paper piecing techniques for the first time  but nevertheless  a fun activity. It was intended to be a surprise for her but then creative that she is ...she could not resist peeping into my art room and and then eventually helping me .She is good with computers so the back to school sentiment was typed and designed by her .She also taught me the cool tape effect for the same tiles . Child is the father of man is afterall pretty appropriate .

I have a couple of other projects lined up which I shall be finishing this week and then shall share it with you.

The birds , trees ,deer and squirrel were paper pieced from here.

The bus was paper pieced from here.

Haven't used any embellishments since it was not practical ,considering the clipboard is going to be used by her.

I wanted a simple clip on clipboard to modify for her homework assignments but could not find one .Hopefully this shall serve the purpose and will survive at least half the year . Although this was meant to be for homework purposes since ,Trisha gets her homework in handouts and then has to use the dining table for a solid support,she loved the idea and has decided to carry it to school too.Now she wants her new backpack big enough to accomodate the clipboard.Sigh.....another project.

Thanks for passing by and reading  about my mundane motherly activities.

Have a super sunday.See you soon .



  1. What a cute and practical project! Real nice! I am sure Trisha will be delighted with the clipboard.

  2. Trisha and Kiara are so lucky to have such a talented mother.I have seen quite a bit of talented people who neglect their kids but you are perfect blend of both(keeping a perfect balance)Salute to you dear friend.
    Very beautiful and wonderful idea of using Clipboard.

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