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Saturday, January 7, 2012

Hello sunshine

Hi peeps!
Its been extremely cold and why?Because it has been Doom's day like for past three days.I actually thought that a spaceship like the one in Independence day is going to descend here any day.But thankfully sun chose to show up after three days.I hosted a sizzling lunch which I finished with Coffee praline gateau and strawberry souffle.... and after the lunch the sun decided to miraculously show up and through the icy winds appeared the snow covered mountains.Have a look.
This is what I could click from my vearndah with  my eyes watering ,teeth chattering and legs wobbling.Most of you may find it beautiful but I am struggling to keep myself warm through power cuts.
Between the powercuts,doomsday scare and lunch I managed to make this wind swept balloony card.
I am right now in a CAS cardmaking mood and this one is again apt for ICR.The sketch is from Scrapbook Essential sketch. Colours are PDCC colours.
The insides.
Thanks for passing by.


  1. What a unique country we leave in -- Here in Bangalore it was scorching hot today and we were feasting on tons of ice cream!

  2. well i have to say i find the view of snow covered mountain simply beautiful...and as to the dooms day scare...don't think its happening any time soon:) hopefully!!!maybe only in movies...
    your card looks so pretty love the colors you have used and the way you have layered it...simply fab!!

  3. Good you got to see the sun finally :) ..Your card is really pretty..I loved the cloud did make it? Masking technique??

  4. What a pretty card, love the balloons. That snow covered mountain does look cold!

  5. Wonderful card, thank you for braving the chilly temps to get a picture. I love your cloudy background, it makes the balloons stand out.

  6. Oh my ! What a view !! Wanna come straight to you ;)
    Your baloon card is super !! But can our dessert queen share some yummy eggless recipes with us ??

  7. What a beautiful view! Love that cloudy background and those balloons are just so pretty floating on your card! THANKS for joining in the fun and playing along with us over at the PDCC:)


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