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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Beyond Grey

First of all I love the name of this challenge blog called Beyond Grey challenges.I dunno about you but makes me look at the brighter side and also sounds sophisticated so it was natural that I had to make something for their very first challenge.The current challenge is about making something using grey, pink and just a wee bit of black.and so here I am with my creation.
As you all have been subjected to my ramblings and like it is no surprise that I hate this place....I must tell ya all that Crafting helps me relax and unwind and though momentary it takes me to a place which is not Udhampur...and every day for those moments I truly live and I am truly happy.this may look like a grey creation but it is not.I am having a tough day but this made me smile and made me feel good about myself.
The insides .
The sketch is CPS.
The sentiment is from Scrapalicious times.and I love the sentiment.It is so so true.Thank God for small mercies that I am blessed with friends who are just a call away.
And you all lovely people ...Your love and encouraging words makes me create every day.thanks for your love and support.
Hang in there coz I have something else to show you in my second post and also please don't get to leave some love for me at The Pie lane blog.
Thank you for passing by.


  1. This is AWESOME... absolutely amazing!

  2. Oh man !! The sentiment speaks so much about friends in so little words !! I love it !! Love your creation ! The inside coordinates so well. Loved your BRAnd new entry at the beyond grey challange ! Thanks for playing along n all the best !!

  3. oh this is simply amazing i really like your take on the challenge.. so innovative and a fun approach and i like the sentiment too:)love the way you have layered and paper pieced... beautiful both from outside as well as inside...fab job!!!

  4. Oh my ! 1st of all snehal thankyou so so much for all the support u offer :) Love u alot for that.
    Thanks for loving our name. Thats somthing random that came into my mind :)
    And i absolutely find ur creation Delightful !
    its not grey at all !!! its totally cheerful :) thanks a ton for playing in :)
    Love pooja

  5. Hehe!! this is soooo fabulous!!! just a few months more and hoping and praying that you're closer to my place!!! Then I can come and gorge on the cakes and chit chat for hours!!! :)
    Hang in there...the best is yet to be! :)

  6. How true! Love the layout and the stamps are b'ful... so feminine..

  7. Simple and lovely :) Thank you for playing along with Beyond Grey Challenges...


  8. I am very sorry to hear you are not happy where you live at the moment, Snehal. It must be tough. I guess we all have those "anywhere would be better than here" days. I have them too, but living in the North hemisphere I put it down to darkness, cold, winter, long nights, and I know that once the darkest days are over I will feel a bit better...I so look forward to spring! xx

  9. Oh, I forgot to comment on your card! Ops!
    This is such a different card from what you have us accostumed to :-) and I don't mean it in a bad way, it is super cool! I love the colour combination and the sentiment too. xx

  10. Oh my ...
    now that is something I'd cherish if I get...
    Its extremely delightful to see you participating in the challenge .. :)
    All the best ..

  11. hahahaha! this is AWESOME!!

    thank you for participating at Beyond Grey :))

  12. i burst out in a laugh looking at the sentiment! heheh! thanq :) and the cards is sooo cute :)

  13. Hahaha!!! This is Superb, Snehal!! :D Loved it.


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