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Sunday, July 1, 2012

Magic Explosion Box

Magic Explosion box.View from the top.


Magic spills out the moment the lid is taken off the box.

Hi peeps!
I spent my Saturday night and Sunday morning very constructively.And I am beaming from ear to ear...why?Because I fulfilled my dream of making an Explosion Box with the help of  dear friend and blogger Karuna.She patiently answered my incessant questions and helped me with the dimensions too.After all she is an expert Explosion Box maker.Here and here is the link to her beautiful boxes.
We have a ladies club meet coming up and the theme is FUSION.I racked my tiny brains for two nights and guess when did the Light Bulb moment arrive...While Brushing my teeth.!!!...Maybe the action must have brushed some dust over my brains too.But then it is the bathroom where all my creative ideas start forming.That's the quietest and most clutter free spot in my house...not to forget most PEACEFUL too.
Okay enough digressing.....My logic behind the explosion box is that it is a fusion of a box and a card....and  a pretty deceptive card at that.It is impossible to judge from this Box's outer appearence...what lies inside.What do you think? Let me know.
Some detail shots of the fun elements.

Unity stamp. to add to the feminine touch

The tag with a tea pot...high tea right? winks!!!!

The invite with a silhouette

Another tag with heat embossing and some distressing.

A dress perched on a pedestal---More to woman power

handmade flower inspired by lKalindi( not half as nice as hers)

This is how it looks when the ribbon is opened.

The side profile of the box.
Supplies used - Too many.
Challenges entered
ICR-Fancy folds...I dunno if this qualifies for the fancy fold....but I am just giving it a try.
The Play Date cafe- colors
Thanks for passing by.
P.S.- awaiting your comments eagerly.


  1. I love the muted tones of the box snehal.. nothing over the top simple yet catchy.. and this is definitely fancy fold.. don't you worry... :D

  2. thats lovely box..... Very attractive

  3. Super fabulousness Snehal! Proud of you.

  4. Hey,

    I love this box!!! actually i love explosion boxes... haven't tried one myself, but would definitely do....

  5. WOW!!!!!Good idea of invitation .love it.

  6. Wow Awesome Snehal. I also used to help my mom with stuff for Ladies meets :) And I agree with you that Karuna's explosion box has inspired quite a few... including me :)

  7. Wow! thsi is a stunner Snehal... thanks for the mention but i totally give the credit to you for understanding my nonsensical mails sent over BB :P loved the dress and its so pretty as an invite! way to go!

  8. This is just so amazing snehal...your explosion box is just lovely...i love the way you have layered each panel..from the flowers to the dress to every little detail...this is one heck of an invite!!!love it!!!

  9. What a beautiful project! So many details:) THANKS so much for joining in the fun and playing along with us over at the PDCC:)


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