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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Inspiration from Karuna and a challenge

Hi peeps! I have more than hundred followers now and I wanted to celebrate this with you all....and guess what Karuna was so kind to accept this offer to do a GD post for me despite her busy schedule.Please do visit here to see some of her fabulous work. You all are aware of her gorgeous explosion what better inspiration from the queen of explosion boxes than that.I am having a challenge to celebrate my growing followers list and all you need to do is to make either an explosion box or any other box and link it here. There is a generous prize of 500INR from the LULUPU store for the winner. So what are you waiting for? Over to Karuna.

Its Karuna here from and am here to share my favourite Exploding Box card with ya all! This one was made to order by a lady for her Darling husbands birthday with some of his fav items to be included. This isn't my Cake card.... thanks to the client for letting me try out something unique and different! this indeed was one of my fav bozex and i have spent way too many hours in the details too!

Most of you know me well even though i am usually MIA. That's also because am almost always busy with my online craft store and we have been up and running for almost 5 months now. 
You would notice from my work that I love cute and cheerful colours but I am not much into Vintage look though I would love to give that a shot someday. I love paper quilling and it’s also a technique I have taught during several workshops. I enjoy working with all kind of stamps and ink as it opens up a whole new world of possibilities in terms of techniques we can work out. One of my favourite tool is my manual Die cutting machine which assists me in making some great shaped cards and embellishments. I dabble in various types of techniques and love to try out new variety of card folds, my favourite being the magic explosion card (i have made so many by now!). I also enjoy making Scrapbooks as it gives me chance to work with many ideas in just one project plus it can be personalized as a gift.

Thanks to Snehal for inviting me for Guest post. I think this is my first time as a guest DT for any blog so thanks for chance Snehal! 

Warning: This is gonna be a picture heavy post!

The Box

Box Lid

An when you open it.....

Just showing how the panels look like minus the pics :) my fav part!

the centre piece.... how romantic!

The flowers and butterflies....

The recipients fav stuff!

Tags for sharing some love filled birthday sentiments...


  1. awesome job done on the box. will be inspired by you:)

  2. I'm all inspired now Snehal! Will start off today itself. Never made an explosion box, lemme try! :)

  3. lovely and creative box.

  4. Awesome inspiration from Karuna ...such a fabulous explosion box!!!i love the centre figure idea romantic!!i will definitely try to participate in this challenge snehal :)

  5. fabulous work Karuna! I'am always in awe of your explosion boxes.. I don't know how you do it!

  6. Hi Snehal!! Congrats on the milestone! Great way to celebrate. Will surely participate. I made my first explosion box after getting inspired from Karuna's box :) She is too good at them!

  7. Congratulations Snehal on the growing list of followers ! Lovely inspiration from Karuna...I have a garden theme box in making but its totally different form what Karuna has come up with..would love to share once its done !

  8. Oh this is awesome ...can we upcycle/recycle boxes too Snehal?

  9. Snehal gave a shout out about your challenge here :
    May you get lots of entries and have lots of fun.
    I love making boxes and hope to participate big time!

  10. Hey Snehal, I have a question - How many entries per person allowed?

  11. This is too good... very nicely made...:)

  12. this is so lovely!The center piece with the couple is soooo cute:)awesome idea..

  13. wow snehal ,,such lovely entries for ur challenge ..all da best ! amazing ideas ! great work by everyone....;;manisha

  14. Hi snehal..i am your new follower..have seen your work at many your scrapbooking!!
    Added my entry for your challenge !!

  15. Hi Snehal! Been following your blog since I started blogging and I must say every art piece of yours is unique and inspiring! :)

    Karuna's creation is awesome and thanks for the challenge, Snehal.


  16. Wow....first of all congrats for achieving first hundreds!! and actually an explosive challenge this time!!

  17. Hi Snehal...congratulations.I have just been going through all your creations and am really awestruck by the sheer imagination and creativity going on here. i am a relatively new crafter and an even new blogger.. :)
    I find these explosion boxes amazing and was wondering if there is a tutorial of how to make these. Do let me know. Thanks and Congratulations once again. Your work is amazing. Do visit my blog @


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