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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Anniversary themed explosion box

Hey there
Two posts in two days.that's not too bad.I wanted to share an explosion box I made to go along with the anniversary themed album I showed you yesterday.I have made a couple of explosion boxes earlier but never with a tiered cake.And while I was struggling with the idea to make one and Tejal came to my rescue like always.Thanks  once again Tejal for patiently answering all my incessant questions.

Another angle

The top of the box

Detailed shot of the cosy couple

Not perfect but  my first attempt at cake

Popped up couple ...on the inside of the box

So here is the anniversary themed explosion box with loads of pictures.After Nikita's post on how to win challenges...I have been trying my hand at photography too and I feel they are better than what I used to do earlier at least.It will take me a long time to hone my skills at photography....but I am taking baby steps and liking it.
Linking it up to  Itsy Bitsy's current challenge.
Thanks for passing by.


  1. Hi Snehal! It's a very cute explosion box. Love the cake and the image of the couple is so cute..everything is so nicely done..

    And you took an awesome photograph of your project :)

  2. Snehal I think only the dimensions of the cake is the culprit....the top one's lid seems bigger in the photo.Also did you get the wonder tape--it would decrease headaches so much when you have to stick cylindrical edges!

  3. Fabulous explosion box ! The cosy couple is so cute ! I also liked the way you decorated cake with tiny flowers.

  4. Hi Snehal.... I agree with Dr. Sonia.... did you try the dimensions I had sent you...But I see your hardwork and it looks beautiful

  5. Wow love the box.the couple image is so cute..the inner embellishments are are fabulous and that cake shows the hard work that have you put in !!

  6. This is pretty the cute couple...can't wait to see the other ones...

  7. such a pretty box Snehal, love the cake esp the cake topper...
    PS:sorry I could'nt send the link to the tiered cake tutorial...cause I didn't follow any, I just stuck three boxes of decreasing sizes one on top of the other, I've tried both cylindrical and square ones and found the square ones are much easier to make.

  8. Hey coolie Snehal, the cosy couple is so quaint - I like the kind of cartoony coloring too. Quite a treat for the eyes! Thanks so much for playing along ItsyBitsy's Weddings & Celebrations Challenge. All the very best!
    ItsyBitsy - The Blog Place


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