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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Scrapbook album for a sister

Hi friends!
I am sharing a scrapbook which I am very happy about.I dunno if my pictures and photography skills do justice to the real album but each and every page has an interactive element to it .Please have a look and this is one of the projects where I am looking forward to your feedback.
Warning- Picture Heavy post.

This opens into an accordion shaped photo album.

Check the double slider photo holder

My regular feature in each album waterfall photo card.

This is a double whammy.It has a rotating card and a photo wallet

This card rotates

this was her message for her sister

Thanks for passing by.awaiting your comments eagerly.Too many supplies.please feel free to ask whichever interests you.The cover page is inspired by the very talented Ujjwal.Even the handmade flowers are inspired by her post here.

P.S.I have been listening to this one.Love this song and the singer Sona Mohapatra's voice is mellifluous.Please listen to this.


  1. Hi Snehal! Will listen to the song after i leave this comment. Your scrapbook is just awesome. Love the PPs used and the way each page looks...fabulous creation..and the cover page is just awesome.. :)

  2. Snehal you make the most amazing scrapbooks...its like you take us through a movie and by the last page I was ready to cry filled up with emotion of how much she loved her sister! [I am sure this album is going to make her sis cry with emotion too!]I think what makes your scrapbooks a class apart from others is the emotion you manage to convey.Usually I flip for all interactive elements..but in this album even the way you captioned like " bachpan" was so emotive!! I am tempted to tell you to stop making cards...spend all your time making such fantastic albums!

  3. I have scrolled atleast 10 times ! so many things so see on each page.liked each page very much.

  4. Sweet album. Love the colours and the lovely tassel hanging at the side!

  5. This is amazing.. I love all your scrapbooks. Each page is filled with beautifully detailed elements. Love the way you use PPs.

  6. wow snehal....loved allllll the details. u managed to design each page so beautifully and full of emotions! hugs!!

  7. beautiful album,with lot of details .good colour choice.not able to watch video ,its uploading ...but will surely do .dear here is request from me ,can you please give tutorial of the binding style of your scarp book , as i every time have to wait for factory employe for binding anything.THANKS in advance.

  8. Each page is yummy and want to keep looking at each are such a pro at making albums..please do a tute for making an album from scratch..I know this is asking for too much ..but it will be of great help ..i have never made a single album till date

  9. superb Snehal! You should check out my page on fb, i just made two journals :D

  10. OMG Sneha, your albums are gorgeous, your attention to detail is mind the pink binding on this one

  11. oops sorry I forget the "l" in Snehal in my comment :(

  12. Love how you bound the book.

    I would like to share a tip - if that's ok. :D For photographing your scrapbooks (or even cards), why don't you get couple of white foam boards? Those really help and will make your projects look way better in photos.

    You can find some really cool ideas here:


    1. Thanks for the tip Neelu...I have been looking for help to improve my photograph skills.I will try looking for foam boards

    2. I would like to thank you for such an amazing scrapbook that you made for my sister mam. From the day one i knew it would be good since you were making it, but after seeing the outcome i'm falling short of words. With each page so unique & beautifully potrayed, i believe it would be the best gift i ever presented to my sister.


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